Friday, February 19, 2010

Faith and Reason

This is an excerpt of my last reply to a group of theologically minded friends re an on-going conversation/dispute we have been engaged in. I post this here because I think it provides fair insight into just how I think about these kinds of questions:

OK here's the thing - I accept the notion that it is possible to believe a thing without proof, but I categorically reject the notion that it is possible to know a thing without proof.

There simply is no way to prove a proposition like the existence of God, or the physical resurrection of a dead man - these are supernatural faith assertions. The first words of our creed are "We believe" and not, "We know." What I call "dogmatism" is the insistence that people must accept as certain particular propositions that cannot be proved with evidence that any reasonable man can accept.

I left evangelicalism and joined the Episcopal Church (and resigned the professional ministry as a consequence of this decision) precisely because I no longer had any stomach for the sort of myopic and uncritical dogmatism that seems to characterize most popular American evangelical thinking. Yet at the same time I still wanted to remain a believing and practicing Christian of robust orthodox faith. However, I did not want to trade one form of fundamentalism for another. I did not want to substitute the provincialist biblical fundamentalism of the conservative-evangelicals that I had outgrown, for the more sophisticated "ecclesiological fundamentalism" increasinlgy prevalent in certain liturgical circles these days. If I had wanted to do that I would have - to use a phrase Frank Valdez likes - "swum the Tiber" and become a Roman Catholic.

I am attracted to the eucharistic and incarnational theology of Anglo-Catholicism and consider it far more spiritually mature and intellectually tenable than the culturally accommodationist folk-theology of the evangelicals - which is why I am an Anglican. But I refuse to absolutize any of it - I see this as a form of intellectual suicide that I am unwilling to commit. More importantly, like my friend Bruce Wright, I don't want to make the spiritual and moral mistake of closing myself off to the belief that God can and does work outside these presuppositional constructs of "truth" that human beings have erected.

One final thought - It is interesting to me that all you guys seem really into the whole "modernity vs. post-modernity" controversy that seems to have taken the theological world by storm these days. Participants in this controversy seem to equate "modernity" with entirely negative historical/cultural developments like market-capitalism and the nation-state and are therefore dismissive of it for these reasons (and the modern Market and State do seem to be good things for Christians to be somewhat dismissive about - I don't much like 'em either! lol!) however, when I think of "modernity" I am inclined only to connect it with the development of a way of thinking - specifically what Thomas Paine, writing at the end of the 18th century, called "The Age of Reason." Frankly I have a lot of respect for "Reason" as over against mere authority.

Personally I never gave much thought to the whole "modern vs. post-modern" thing until some of you guys started inundating me with it. Until very recently I just accepted the idea that faith and reason could be reconciled based on the fact that they asked and answered different questions. Faith addresses itself to questions that reason cannot answer and therefore does not ask. For me it's always been that simple - I have never felt compelled to create a whole new school of thought about a very old question!



  1. John, I am with you and Bruce, but you knew that already. I tell you...attending a fundamental Baptist University has me shaking off the dust each day and having to remind myslef that I don't have to agree with everything I am being 'taught' just shake it off, put in the work, and avoid the most controversial points. There have been times they were unavoidable and I have had to stand my ground, like opposing Jay Adams, but fortunately I had a more progressive prof that handled it well...LOL..
    keep up the good work in putting your thoughts out. I so enjoy them and they enrich and support my own. Thank you!

  2. Good post. I feel to many Christians pick the Bible apart word by word and try to read too much into it. The message is simple.

  3. Thx. Barb, Smitty but just an FYI - you both should be aware that this was posted in response not to people who were arguing as Biblical fundamentalists but as Ecclesiological fundamentalists. That is, substituting a fundamentalism of the Bible (a trap these guys would be much too smart to fall into) for what I think of as a fundamentalism of "the Church." The fellows I was in dispute with are fellow Episcopalians, but have adopted a far more radical (and frankly inflexibly dogmatic) Ango-Catholic orthodoxy than I am pre-disposed to accept. If you read the above in that light, it might make more sense where I was going.

  4. As a layman who avoids the organized church I wouldn't understand the intricasies of the argument above. My only thoughts on the matter would be that I feel to m,any people get too caught in trying to understand the meaning of things in the Bible and miss the deeper meaning. Kind of like not being able to see the forest because they are to focused on the trees. No disrespect intended, just my thoughts.


  6. Hello Anonymous - if u really believe what ur telling me to examine why do u not reveal who you are? Why post in secret? All this does is undermine your credibility with me. LOL!

  7. Also there is a problem in the web addresses you provided and I cannot find them - so whatever point you had to make is not available to my investigation.

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  13. Run and hide! What does that mean? If you are supposedly a Christian - then why would you insult me? That would be contrary to our faith in oh so many ways! If I un-friend somebody on FB its because they are consistently engaging in dialogue that is intended to insult and demean someone personally rather than putting forth a real argument. I'm afraid I just have a zero tolerance policy on ad hominem. If you can't follow the rules of proper debate, than the dialogue is over before it begins as far as I'm concerned. Or to be more blunt - if ur an asshole, I don't have time! Hit the bricks and go bother somebody who actually gives a shit! Really!

    "men quarrel because they cannot argue"
    - G. K. Chesterton

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  27. I had cosidered deleting all the above anonymously submitted comments - but now I think rather to allow them to remain as a testament to exactly why it is that someone like me has such contempt for the world-view herein represented by the commentator (or commentators?). Indeed, I would like to thank the commentator for reinforcing me in my own world-view so thoroughly.

  28. Amen, to that, Brother Feens.

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